Remember Me: Volume Two

Christopher Pike

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By: Christopher Pike

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Novel, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781444901849

SKU: BE500001805596

Pages: 400

Description: YA. Horror fiction. Pike's big-hitters in stunning new bind-up formats for a new generation of horror fans. Shari just stepped onto the balcony for some fresh air, she didn't mean to fall. Whilst her friends assume it was suicide, she knows otherwise, and now her restless spirit must find the real killer by any means possible. She'll need the help of those she left behind and the only way to reach them now is via the ouija board, but someone or something else seems to want to communicate with her friends too with horrifying intent. Shari is forced down the one pathway left open to her ... to enter their dreams. With a perfectly blended mix of fear, lust, friendship and a little bit of horror, Pike keeps the reader gripped from beginning to end.

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