Queen Clarion's Secret (disney Fairies / A Stepping Stone Book)

Kimberly Morris

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By: Kimberly Morris

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Children books Age 6-8, Children books Age 9-12

ISBN: 9780736425476

SKU: BE500001809486

Pages: 128

Description: "Fairies chapter books fit for a queen! "Queen Clarion is missing! One minute Prilla was flying right behind her, then POOF!--the queen was gone. Meanwhile, someone has taken the precious heart seed from Lily's rare Fairy Pink rose. Could the queen's disappearance and the stolen heart seed be connected? With the help of Lily and Beck, Prilla follows clues that Queen Clarion has left behind. The trail leads them all the way to the mysterious High Tree Forest. Prilla knows the queen is somewhere in the vast, dark forest. But how will they ever find her?

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