Environmental Management Student's Book

John Pallister

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By: John Pallister

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Education

ISBN: '9780195977851

SKU: BE500005800170

Pages: 269

Description: This book has been developed especially to meet the requirements of the new UCIE O Level syllabus, 5014, and the IGCSE syllabus, 0680, for Environmental Management.Environmental Management is a subject highly relevant in the modern context, where the EarthÕs resources and life-sustaining systems are under threat of human impact. The aim is to enable students to understand and appreciate the interdependence of the EarthÕs natural systems and learn to best manage them for the future.The book, following the sequence of the syllabus, has four main chapters:LithosphereHydrosphereAtmosphereBiosphereThese are further subdivided into units that cover the essential aspects of each under four main headings:ResourcesDevelopmentImpactManagementThe scope of the book is international in its approach, albeit with a focus on South Asia.The text is supported by tables, graphs and diagrams, and complemented by appropriately selected four-colour illustrations. Case studies give students a local as well as global perspective on ecological problems and their possible solutions.

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