The War Of The Worlds

H. G. Wells

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By: H. G. Wells

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Classics, Science fiction, Horror

ISBN: 9780141441030

SKU: BE500018806922

Pages: 200

Description: The classic tale of alien invasion, and still the best' The Times The first modern depiction of extra-terrestrials attacking the earth, The War of the Worlds remains one of the most influential of all science-fiction works. It shows the whole of human civilization under threat, as terrifying, tentacled Martians land in England, build gigantic killing machines, destroy all in their path with black gas and burning rays and feast on the warm blood of trapped, still-living human prey. The forces of the Earth, however, may prove harder to beat than they at first appear. Edited by Patrick Parrinder with an Introduction by Brian Aldiss and Notes by Andy Sawyer

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