The Diamond Queen

Andrew Marr

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By: Andrew Marr

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: History, Guide

ISBN: 9780330544160

SKU: BE500022805706

Pages: 429

Description: With the flair for narrative and the meticulous research that readers have come to expect, Andrew Marr turns his attention to the monarch - and to the monarchy, chronicling the Queen's pivotal role at the centre of the state, which is largely hidden from the public gaze, and making a strong case for the institution itself. Arranged thematically, rather than chronologically, Marr examines her role as Head of the Commonwealth, and her deep commitment to that Commonwealth of nations and looks at the drastic changes in the media and the monarchy since her accession in 1952.Indeed he argues that under her watchful eye, the monarchy has been thoroughly modernized and made as fit for purpose in the twenty-first century as it was when she came to the throne.



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