Steve Barlow

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By: Steve Barlow

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Children books Age 9-12, Fantasy

ISBN: 9780007108640

SKU: BE500022805987

Pages: 256

Description: Comedy fantasy series with a Pratchetteque/Carry On Blackadder twist, but written for children. A slightly more sophisticated read than the Lost Diaries, with a bit more edge. The Dark Forest is a world. Cities, towns and villages exist like islands in a green sea, while in the Forest itself live hermits, wizards and all manner of weird and wonderful creatures - some invented, some strangely familiar. BOOK 2: WHIZZARD! The story of Tym, apprentice to the local wizard, who accidentally invents a new potion that causes them to move at incredible speeds. (Not to mention some rather dire side effects!)

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