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SRI SAMPANn Wealth is your birth right, own it

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By: Shri Rampuria

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Self help

ISBN: 9788189140878

SKU: BE500027803470

Pages: 272

Description: Shri Rampuria, the author, an avid reader, a scalper in Indian Bourses, is a firm believer of the perspective that there is no rags to riches story which cannot be replicated. Being wealthy is everyone's birth right, lets own it. There is a god, but that god exists within thyself. The world says "I am near to god", near signifies a distance, wherein, the author believes,’ I am with the god” - the god resides in me. With various ups and downs of life, wavering wealth, he began his journey to understand the behavioral pattern of wealth, and who else to understand this from, other than the goddess of wealth and fortune, - prayed and celebrated as Goddess LAKSHMI and also known as Goddess SIRI. He defines the law of wealth through the symbolic study of the Goddess SRI - her likes and dislike, her true nature. Symbolically, if we imbibe the virtues liked by and be in harmony to the nature of the Goddess SRI, is it then that we would never have to run after money, the wealth would stay with us for times immortal? Search of Search is when gods were human, what were the virtues they thrived upon? Let's read further to demystify the mythological, symbolism of Lord Vishnu and Goddess SRI and become SRI SAMPANN: “Stable prosperity and enduring wealth, is governed by the laws of moral wealth, simple prosperity and sterling character.” This book has many dimensions, dimensions of ownerships and experiences. At dimension 1 it is simply an object, a book, a matter of occupying some space, At the 2nd dimension it is a cover, paper, ink, print arranged, At the 3rd dimension it is an expression & assimilation of feelings & thoughts of the author; At the fourth dimension it is a world of the wonders to be manifested, At the fifth dimension it is imbibing a virtue through the book, And in the sixth dimension it is about intuition and knowledge, the true reality beyond the realm of physical world. The Sixth Sense!! The sense of truth, perspectives!!!