The Bad Spy's Guide

Pete Johnson

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By: Pete Johnson

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Children books Age 9-12, Mystery

ISBN: '9780440867630

SKU: BE500058802106

Pages: 192

Description: MY TRUE IDENTITY . . . SPELLS DANGER! Everyone thinks Tasha is a big joke because she is OBSESSED with spies. But when Henry, the new boy at school, accidentally MIXES up his notebook with hers, Tasha has breathed her LAST EVER bit of dull air. Henry tells her he is a TEENAGE SPY. And that he needs to use her room for surveillance on his latest TARGETS. Tasha is just THRILLED to discover that her neighbours are enemy agents. And her new life of spying, gadgets and sneaking around is really cool. But is Henry all he claims to be? Or could he be stretching the TRUTH? Tasha's doubts grow. . .and then she receives an incredible shock . . .

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