The Secret Society Of Dragon Protectors The Silver Claw

Debi Evans

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By: Debi Evans

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

ISBN: 9780955466144

SKU: BE500072804174

Pages: 285

Description: Angus Monro is a dragon protector; that is unbelievable in itself! If someone had told him two years ago that he would meet a dragon that could stay invisible to all humans; use powers to speed up and slow down time; be able to walk through fire unharmed; link his mind with a dragon and even travel through time: he would have called them crazy. Considering all of that and much more he was now convinced that anything was possible. Angus and the dragon, Pyrra, are about to embark on an epic journey which takes them to Dubai and across the Far East to find a close friend who has mysteriously vanished!

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