Roman Britain

Fiona Macdonald

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By: Fiona Macdonald

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: History, Children books Age 9-12, Children books Age 6-8

ISBN: 9780198348566

SKU: BE500072804201

Pages: 47

Description: Oxford Connections books are based on Literacy Consultant Sue Palmer's 'skeletons' concept whereby the children are shown a text model of the text type with which to write notes using the structure of the 'skeleton' as a guide. Within the titles there are notes, diagrams or pictures that thechildren will use as the basis for writing a piece of text.A genuinely cross-curricular scheme. Each book contains material to teach literacy and geography, science or history. Each book matches the literacy requirements for non-fiction for one year within the NLS, and history, geography or science material within one unit of the QCA schemes of work for theNational Curriculum. Suitable for the Scottish 5-14 and Northern Ireland curricula as well. Teaches children to read and particularly to write different types of non-fiction.

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