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By: Explorer Publishing

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Guide, Travel

ISBN: '9789948858904

SKU: BE500073802607

Pages: 696

Description: Thirteen years on, the Dubai Explorer continues to be the ultimate guide to life in Dubai. Comprehensive, fun and easy to use, this book covers everything worth knowing about Dubai and where to do it. Meticulously updated by a resident team of writers, photographers and lovers of life, the resulting work holds the most in-depth, practical and accurate coverage of Dubai. • The complete insider’s guide to living in and loving Dubai • Ideal for residents, short-term visitors, business people and tourists • Written by experienced authors with intimate knowledge of the city • New resident’s chapter packed with essential information available in no other book • Independent reviews of over 300 restaurants, bars and cafes • Illustrated thoughout with full colour photographs • 30 pages of fully referenced photographic maps

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