Exes Anonymous

Lauren Henderson

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By: Lauren Henderson

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Novel

ISBN: '9780751535679

SKU: BE500076802873

Pages: 345

Description: Exes Anonymous - Meeting Tonight at 8pm. Please Bring Your Own * Bottle * Crushed and broken heart * Snacks Rebecca broke up with Patrick five months ago. She's doing fine. Okay, so she has turned her bedroom into a sort of Patrick shrine with pictures and candles. But she's fine, honestly. She's getting over it. For some strange reason her best friend Davey doesn't agree. He thinks Rebecca needs help with her Patrick obsession. And so they set up Exes Anonymous - a self-help group for the unceremoniously chucked. The seven broken-hearted members soon become friends, meeting at each other's flats to swap stories and offer support. Rebecca begins to hope that she can beat her addiction after all. But love hasn't quite finished with Rebecca. After all, it is a hard habit to break...

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