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By: Denise Mina

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel, Crime

ISBN: '9780553506945

SKU: BE500076803011

Pages: 444

Description: "Maureen O'Donnell wasn't born lucky. A psychiatric patient and a survivor of sexual abuse, she is stuck in a dead-end job and a secretive relationship with Douglas, a shady therapist. Her few comforts are making up stories to tell her psychiatrist, the company of her friends, and the sweet balm of whisky. She is about to put an end to her affair with Douglas when she wakes up one morning to find him in her living room with his throat cut. iewed in turn by the police as a suspect -- aided and abetted by her drug-dealing brother Liam - and as an unco-operative, unstable witness, even Maureen's alcoholic mother and self-serving sisters are convinced of her involvement. Worse still, the police won't tell her anything about Douglas's death, or what the killer left behind in her hall cupboard. eeling betrayed by friends and family, Maureen begins to doubt her own version of events. Panic-stricken, she sets out to retrace Douglas's last, desperate days and picks up a horrifying trail of rape, deception and suppressed scandal at a local psychiatric hospital where she had been an inmate. But the patients won't talk and the staff are afraid, and when a second brutalized corpse is dis