Crazy about her Spanish Boss

Rebecca Winters

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By: Rebecca Winters

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Novel, Romance

ISBN: 9781408903971

SKU: BE500076806083

Pages: 507

Description: The Count’s unexpected proposal... Count Remi – a Spaniard who is as proud as he’s passionate, he works the land of his ancestors and lives for the Soleado Goyo olive estate... Jillian Gray – has gone to Spain to make a fresh start when Remi crashes into her car! He offers her a job, but she knows Remi has only hired her out of guilt. It’s clear he’s a man used to doing things alone. Amid the silvery olive groves Jillian brings new ideas and a zest for life into Remi’s estate. More importantly, she’s awakening her brooding boss’s heart..

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