Brushed By Scandal

Gail Whitiker

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By: Gail Whitiker

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Historical fiction, Novel, Romance,

ISBN: 9780263887938

SKU: BE500076806274

Pages: 296

Description: WHAT WILL SHE RISK FOR LOVE? Lady Annabelle Durst may be beautiful, but at four-and-twenty she's firmly - and contentedly! - on the shelf. She's learnt there's nothing more important than protecting her heart against the perils of love. Then Anna's family is embroiled in the scandal of the season, with only Sir Barrington Parker to turn to. He has a reputation for exposing society's most disreputable secrets, and to save her family's honour oh, so sensible Anna will do anything - even risk her reputation - to persuade this dangerous man to help...

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