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Gregoire Noyelle & Katy Lee

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By: Gregoire Noyelle & Katy Lee

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Picture book, Art

ISBN: 9787538163711

SKU: BE500100804675

Pages: 335

Description: This book Illustration Now represents, in the form of a collection, a contemporary and subjective vision of French illustration art. The great majority of the artists featured herein ate from yhe rising generation, which is made up of young designers. Young French illustrators enjoy a very favourable social environment and rich and long artistic traditions, so they can mature earlier in their artistic works, creating wonderful pieces in various fields like painting, fashion, design and literature. More than forty-five illustrators figured here, in alphabetical order of their names. A wide variety of techniques are applied in their works, including traditional techniques, such as gouache, watercolour, silk-screen printing and wood engraving; digital techniques, such as Bezier curve, photoshop, illustrator and flash blend techniques, such as photomontage, collage, and 3D; and rough techniques, such as sketching, pen, ballpoint pen and crayon. A short biography, together with a photo, is offered with the works of every designer. At the end of the book, in the index you could find all the participants' contact information. colour throughout

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