On the Road to Mr Right

Belinda Jones

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By: Belinda Jones

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Guide, Travel, Novel

ISBN: 9780099445494

SKU: BE500110805458

Pages: 499

Description: Belinda Jones loves America. Her best friend, Emily O'Neill, loves men. So what better way to celebrate their friendship than to combine their two greatest passions in an astonishing road trip with one aim in mind: to embrace American culture- and any willing men they find along the way. And so, in May 2002, Belinda and Emily set off to pursue their dreams in the most romantic- sounding locations they could find: from Kissimmee (Florida) to Eden (Texas), from Cazenovia (New York) to Intercourse (Pennsylvania), they were women on a mission. The Thelma and Louise of Love. They made front-page headlines, flirted their way out of a night in a prison cell with Judge Butch, they even chatted up a Jehovah's Witness, all in the name of love. But did they find the American Dream Guy? This is their story...

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