Beauty's Daughter

Mollie Hardwick

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By: Mollie Hardwick

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Novel, Historical fiction

ISBN: 9780722142974

SKU: BE500115805390

Pages: 368

Description: Little Emily Heart knew nothing of her parents or her background. Brought up in the strict but respectable home of a retired schoolmaster, she longed for the day when someone would come to take her home. Then came a summons to London, from the dazzling Emma, wife of Sir William Hamilton and lover of the nation's hero, Lord Nelson. Lady Hamilton greeted her as a distant relative, but Emily was convinced she was more than that - Emma was her mother and Emily determined to persuade her to admit it. Beauty's Daughter is the romantic yet heart-rending novel of Emily's quest to discover her own identity, and to find fulfilment in love - a spellbinding saga of changing fortunes, social intrigue and high passion.

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