Pleading Guilty

Scott Turow

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By: Scott Turow

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Novel, Crime

ISBN: 9780140231083

SKU: BE500117805490

Pages: 410

Description: Gage & Griswell is a large law-firm with an even larger problem: $5.6 million has suddenly vanished from the coffers of its biggest client. And the finger of suspicion is pointing directly at G & G's maverick partner, Bert Kamin. He too has gone missing. Mack Malloy, fellow partner, ex-cop and struggling ex-drunk, is charged with finding both Bert and the money - quickly, discreetly and before questions are asked. But questions have already been asked: ones that lead Mack to a cold corpse, to Latin American bank accounts, to a tale of love, corruption and sexual ambivalence, and to Mack's own complex past. 'Worthy to be ranked with Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler' - John Mortimer, The New York Times Book Review. 'Extravagant with danger, sex and especially money - and full of surprises to the end' - Independent on Sunday.

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