The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls

Rosemary Davidson

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By: Rosemary Davidson

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Guide

ISBN: 9780670917105

SKU: BE500124806381

Pages: 304

Description: All girls know that there's more to them than just make-up and gossiping - although they're not averse to a little bit of both. Boys aren't the only ones to like a little danger, a little adventure in the Great Outdoors and a lot of fun, wherever they can find it. And that's what makes The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls just so glorious. It's big enough to cover every element of girlhood, from the luxurious pampering of a home made spa to the quiet delight of reading the stars on a clear summer's night. It's great enough to satisfy the whims of diehard tomboys and devoted flower fairies. And it's certainly glorious enough to provide inspiration, come rain or shine, to girls of all ages. So if you've never been quite sure how to do the perfect French Plait, or if you are in need of a dastardly trick to keep your pesky brother in line, or you feel a friendship bracelet would be just the thing to show your best friend how much you love her, delve into The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls and discover all the other treats waiting inside.

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