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By: Fouzia Saeed

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Guide, Thriller

ISBN: 9780195794120

SKU: BE500126805956

Pages: 324

Description: "The traditional practice of prostitution in South Asia has always been closely linked with music and dance performances. Through their stories, the book also highlights the contributions that these people have made to our society and to the world of the performing arts. Pakistani society has created and reinforced many myths to explain why prostitution has nothing to do with 'nice people'. These myths put all the blame on 'immoral' women who are responsible for tricking 'honest' men into sinful acts. Our society has also strongly discouraged anyone from questioning these myths. By exposing our myths about prostitution, the book helps eradicate a blind spot in our understanding of power relations experienced by all women throughout our society."--BOOK JACKET.