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The Sacred Seal

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By: Judith Mills

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Young Adult, Science fiction

ISBN: 9781552633281

SKU: BE500134806129

Pages: 304

Description: BOOK ONE IN THE SERIES!: The Sage are an ancient race of creatures (of which The Goodfellow family are prominent members) who have provided inspiration and guidance to gifted humans throughout the centuries. Fulfilling their missions to whisper words of encouragement into the ears of budding scientists, explorers, leaders, inventors, musicians, writers and artists, they provide those "little voices" of wit and wisdom that we think we hear in our heads and that propel us forward in our times of greatest trial. Conveniently disguised as mice, and extremely old (aging only one year to every 15 human years) the very small Sage travel the world, working in secret while forming a lifelong bond with their human 'missions' that is known as the 'Sacred Seal'. The Sage have been heard in the hearts and minds of anyone with the will to listen since the beginnning of mankind's time on earth, but they have never, ever been discovered ..... until now .... Young Sam Middleton is despondent over his cross-country move to an old and drafty New England mansion that his parents are converting into an art gallery and that previously belonged to a mysterious (and now missing) professor of ancient history. Sam firmly believes that his life has just taken a very sad and depressing turn, until late one night, when he accidentally stumbles into a 'mouse' on a mission. With this unprecedented collision between Sage and human, a new course is now charted for the future of mankind: one that questions the origins of life on earth, explores some of the great mysteries of all time and changes a young boy's life in a way he could never have imagined. The Goodfellow Chronicles is a story of friendship, courage, sacrifice and loyalty. With an extensive cast of engaging and multi-dimensional characters, the Goodfellow Chronicles delivers a plot full of twists, turns and surprises, against a backdrop of the eternal battle between good and evil.The Goodfellow Chronicles was shortlisted for the Ontario Library Association's Red Maple Award, chosen as one of Best Books for Fall by CBC Radio, awarded a Children's Choice Pick by the Winnipeg Free Press, chosen one of the year's Top Books by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and given 2 Our Choice awards by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. In a 2007 article "Where to turn once Harry retires", The Globe and Mail (Canada's National Newspaper) included The Goodfellow Chronicles in a list of fantasy series for children to read after they had finished the final book in the "Harry Potter" series.