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What Did Jesus Drive

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By: Jason H. Vines

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Autobiography, Biography

ISBN: 9781631731099

SKU: BE500142806880

Pages: 400

Description: Ever wonder what it would be like to work Public Relations for Ford, or General Motors? Imagine a thousand cameras flashing in your eyes through a forest of microphones, everyone millions of dollars and world-wide headlines riding on your every word as you try to navigate your company through crisis, time and time again. It’s not for the faint of heart… But it does make for one entertaining memoir! Welcome to the life of Jason Vines, the man who preserved the good name of Ford/Firestone, Jeep, General Motors, Nissan, Chevy, and other mega-companies throughout one catastrophe after the next. In Vines’ candid first book, “What Did Jesus Drive”, you’ll hear about all the trials, tribulations, hilarity, and heartbreak of being a master PR consultant – straight from the man with the silver tongue himself! Outrageous as it is insightful, shocking as it is refreshing; “What Did Jesus Drive” will have you laughing yourself hoarse all the while teaching you how to keep your cool with IT hits the fan! This isn’t the PR class you took in Business School! And relax; this is not a book about Jesus. (Although he does appear in two chapters: first as a Hispanic grandfather from Waterford, Michigan, and later as the real Prince of Peace.) No, this book is about a life in the public relations blast furnace of the automotive industry; being the only man on the front line. If you’re a company owner, CEO, PR professional, the lessons and stories in this book are INVALUABLE for you and everyone in your PR department! Even if you’re just somebody who enjoys a look into the wild ride in the world of corporate America, this book is for you. Get your copy of “What Did Jesus Drive” now, and let the games begin! **Reviews** "Jason's story telling is his honest account of time well spent in a career documenting numerous pivotal events we all want to hear about." – Lee Iacocca "Get me Jason Vines! How I wish as the candidates I worked for screamed, screwed, or gaffed their way into crisis, I had called on Jason Vines. This is more than a corporate PR book - it's a masters' class, no holds barred, white knuckle ride of insights and wisdom for anyone whose job it is to communicate for a living.” – ?????? “Jason Vines in raw and real story telling of his own journey explains to every politician, celebrity, corporate communications professional and government agency that has ever faced trouble (yes I am talking about you NFL - read this one Goodell!) why we have such a hard time telling the truth, why that's the whole frickin' problem and what we can do about it." – Joe Trippi, Democratic Campaign and Media Consultant. "Jason Vines lived The Hurt Locker, defusing one public relations I.E.D. after another. To think some of the largest corporations we can name have been this close to pure PR disaster, and yet were saved by the insight Jason earned from decades of corporate cage fights, is truly amazing." – Dutch Mandel, AutoWeek Publisher "I always knew I could count on Jason for an unbiased and honest opinion." – Dr. Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP and former NHTSA Administrator