Michelle Krys

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By: Michelle Krys

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Romance

ISBN: 9780385743402

SKU: BE500145807189

Pages: 320

Description: There s only one place Paige could be, and it s not on this earth. Indie has spent the last few weeks frantically searching for Paige. She s tried every spell imaginable, but witchcraft has gotten her nowhere, and she s going crazy with guilt. Despite what her warlock boyfriend, Bishop, tells her, Indie knows it s her fault her best friend was kidnapped by the Priory. And with the Priory destroyed, finding Paige feels more hopeless than ever especially when Indie discovers that Paige isn t even on Earth. She s trapped in Los Demonios, an alternate dimension of Los Angeles filled with evil paranormals. No one who has gone there has ever come out. Indie is desperate to find a way into the underworld prison. She ll worry about getting out later. But facing the dark world s most dangerous witches and warlocks on her own means keeping her plan hush-hush and forging alliances with some sketchy people, including a seriously sexy sorcerer.

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