Birds Of Fog: Selected Poems & Paintings

Wafā Khāzindār

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By: Wafā Khāzindār

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9789948070085

SKU: BE500171809655

Pages: 133

Description: Wafa Khazendar is an artist of Palestinian origins who started writing, drawing and painting at the age of seven. A recipient of both painting and writing awards, she is a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, the Emirati Female Writers' League and Dubai International Art Centre. With her paintings, she aims to awaken the viewer’s imagination and fantasy and succeeds in attracting them into the life of the characters she depicts. "I acquire my ideas from the keen observation of life - from people’s experiences, and from books… I am haunted by humanistic questions, I always try to express some of them in my works so as to arouse the child in every one of us. Surrealistic fantasy helps a lot in this so that each painting depicts a story of real people and things that appear in such a shocking and exotic way that creates an intensive image full of thoughts… I draw with acrylic, because it is so flexible, and works well with other materials that can be used to create desirable effects and reflections. To enrich colours and features, I cover my subjects with different motifs. My subjects' hands and legs are often intentionally exaggerated, as they swim freely in the space of the picture."

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