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The Virgin's Knot

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By: Holly Payne

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel

ISBN: 9780752857848

SKU: BE500182809755

Pages: 303

Description: In Mavisu, a village in the mountains of south-west Turkey, there is a young woman called Nurdane. She is very beautiful with long black hair and unlucky blue eyes. She contracted polio when she was five and is severely crippled. But her father Ali teaches her to weave to compensate for her disability. He tells her that when Allah takes something away, he gives something in return - the loss of the use of her legs is compensated for by her skill as a magical weaver of dowry rugs for brides. But there is a catch: Allah will only continue to make rugs through her if she remains a virgin and keeps her hands pure. How can such a burden not end in tragedy? This is a compellingly readable, beautifully written novel It weaves magical, evocative images into a narrative full of beliefs, superstitions and wisdom.