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By: Melvin Burgess

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel, Young Adult

ISBN: 9780380732234

SKU: BE500182816881

Pages: 293

Description: Gemma: "My parents are incompetent. They haven't got a clue..." Tar: "I know it sounds stupid, but it was like the flowers had come out for Gemma..." Lily: "They did everything they could to pin me mum, my dad, school..." Rob: "We stood for a while breathing big long breaths of air. It was cold and pure...You could feel it inside you, doing you good." How do these teens come to run away from home? To be users? Addicts? As their stories intertwine and build, SMACK never lets up the pace. It is a book about people, families--real and those constructed by young people with no one to turn to but each other. SMACK is a book about a drug and the hold it can have. Written directly for its audience of young people and unflinching in its honesty, SMACK is the teen book of the year.