Silva Mind Mastery for the 2000

Dr. Tag Powell & Dr. Judith Powell

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By: Dr. Tag Powell & Dr. Judith Powell

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Guide, Self help

ISBN: 9788186734209

SKU: BE500199810569

Pages: 232

Description: Revealed at last! The actual techniques combining the world-renowned Silva Method with exciting NEW discoveries to provide practical life-changing strategies for your self-improvement, confidence and dynamism. You will learn the breakthrough Holographic Visualization that enables many people to use their imaging powers for the first time, and state-of-the-art communication techniques that can revolutionize your personal relationships, persuasiveness and conversations. These easily learned techniques help you to: Instantly Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life More Programme Your Mind for Desired Positive Results Use Powerful I Iabit-Changing Trigger Mechanisms Communicate with Your Inner Mind to Release the Genius Within Talk "Mind to Mind" with Others Turbo-Charge Your Creativity Dramatically Improve Your Health Special Alpha techniques sharpen your problem-solving and decision-making, abilities to give you the advantage in all your business and leisure activities. Silva Mind Masten,' for the 2000 is the book to help you blaze your trail into a brighter, more successful life. Drs. Tag and Judith Powell, authors of over twenty books, have won more awards teachina. the Silva Method' than any other Silva Instructor in the world.

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