Top 10 of Everything

Ash, Russell

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By: Ash, Russell

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Encyclopedia

ISBN: 9780600617396

SKU: BE500201810789

Pages: 256

Description: What was the largest dinosaur to roam the planet? Who has won the most Oscars for best actor? Which Government spends the most money? All of these questions and many, many more are answered in "Top 10 of Everything 2009", the 20th anniversary edition of the annual bestseller. Packed with brand new and updated lists, "Top 10 of Everything" reveals thousands of fascinating facts and little-known trivia about history, science, sports, music, movies, nature, people and places. Compiled by category and featuring original Now & Then lists that show just how much the times have changed, this is the perfect book for all lovers general knowledge.

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