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By: Rainbow Rowell

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel, Romance, Young Adult,

ISBN: 9781250054005

SKU: BE500206865732

Pages: 440

Description: Cath, along with her more outgoing identical twin sister, Wren, begins studying as a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While Wren is making new friends and partying, Cath struggles to adjust due to her social anxiety. Most of Cath's free time is spent writing fan fiction about the fictional Simon Snow series; both once enjoyed fan fiction together, though Wren distances herself from Cath and professes to have outgrown fan fiction. Cath becomes more interested in her writing classes and befriends with her classmate Nick, meeting him for writing sessions. Despite having made a friend and enjoying her writing classes, Cath is miserable. Her roommate Reagan and Reagan's friend Levi decide to help. After Cath becomes closer to Levi, he reveals he is romantically interested in her. Just before finals, Cath's father has a bipolar episode, and is involuntarily committed. Cath ditches her exams and her final paper to take care of her father. Cath nearly gives up on her studies, on Wren, and her friends.[why?] However, Cath decides to continue and learn how to cope with her problems. Cath and her sister reunite in the hospital after Wren gets alcohol poisoning. Cath encounters her mother there, who had abandoned them years before. As the school year ends, Cath finishes her novel, and struggles to write an original short story for her class.