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Illustrated History of India

by Wilco
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By: Wilco

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Children books Age 9-12, History

ISBN: 9788182523876

SKU: BE500227814483

Pages: 164

Description: India has always remained a center of attraction for the world, be it for her technological prowess today or for being one of the oldest civilizations with magic, mystic & abundant prosperity till recently, she was looked on as a mystical country with many misconceptions however, this mystical & magical power stems from her history that is captured in this book, with attractive illustrations supporting the exhaustive text the home to the most advanced indus valley civilization, the land of the ramayana & mahabharata, kingdoms of various dynasties, such as mauryas, guptas, chalukyas that ruled & prospered in the ancient days, not to forget the showcase of the glory of mughal architecture, india has fascinated not only indians, but the entire populace of the world perhaps, this proves to be the reason behind so many invasions by the aryans, greeks, mongols, persians, french & british in ancient times this book is a treasure-trove, if you want to learn about indias history, detailing its mystical charms since the vedic period until its independence in 1947 & beyond.