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Silk Painting Made Easy

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By: Susan Penny

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Guide, Art

ISBN: 9780715305645

SKU: BE500246815530

Pages: 64

Description: Throughout history, it has been the most prized fabric of all -- luxurious, soft, flowing silk. But it's more than just a scare or a robe: it's a smooth canvas, ready for painting. Decorate long swaths of material with eye-catching designs that coordinate with your outfits or your home. Bright, cheerful projects will transform any room. Several easy-to-learn painting techniques, and a whole host of templates, make it all simple to do. On a scarf, paint a delightful rural scene, featuring grazing and lazing black and white sheep, lush meadows, and brown hills. Reduce the pattern to fit on a handkerchief. Or enlarge it on a bedspread -- that will make it easy to count sheep at night! Or, if you're feeling a little less ambitious, just paint a small picture of one lone sheep against a grassy background. A tartan cushion and tie-back really dress up a chair or couch, and you can easily change the colors to match your own scheme. And there ate many more! You'll get lots of ideas to follow exactly or adapt creatively!