The LAAF Way: How to Let Go, Let Flow, and Laugh Your Way to Nirvana

Ranganath Subramoney

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By: Ranganath Subramoney

Language: English

Quality: New

Genre: Guide, Health, Self help

ISBN: 9781637145630

SKU: BE500250816186

Pages: 304

Description: Why don’t more people meditate? Why don’t people meditate more? Can meditation be less intimidating, and more fun? It most certainly can. Introducing The LAAF Way, where laughter is the joyful gateway to profound inward journeys and the pursuit of Self-growth. Ranga offers us a lighter, brighter, and more authentic way—not simply to meditate, but to live all of life in a state of wellbeing, fulfillment and flow. So discover the mantras to lighten up! Breathe-Move-Laugh-Play and… Meditate.

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