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On Britain

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By: Ralf Dahrendorf

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: History,

ISBN: 9780226134109

SKU: BE500315823115

Pages: 200

Description: Writing on the first page of the book * Britain is in decline -or is it? Like every other developed country, Britain is up against vexing economic and political problems. Unlike others, Britain seems to pay a price for its own, very special history: the burden of having invented the Industrial Revolution; the Empire and its loss; the conflicts of class and of race. One can understand those who fear for the country's future. But there is a different point of view. Britain derives strenghts as well as weaknesses from the past, and has every potential to make a real contribution to the maintenance of liberty in tomorrow's world. In this book, keyed to the television series on the subject, Ralf Dahrendorf, Director of the London School of Economics, a distinguished German academic and political figure, and a didicated but not uncritical Anglophile, analyses the past: the achievements and the failures; the dilemmas of class, of the Westminster system, of Europe; the things that make Britain a good country to live in and those that make thousands leave every year. He goes on to offer some ideas for the future that not only make sense, but stand a chance of success: electoral reform; a Bill of Rights; a national forum to ponder whiter the economy; above all, perhaps, a longer-term perspective which builds on the strengths of Britain's tradition. Challenging, controversial, accessible, the argument of this book should help raise the level of debate about Britain's future and direct it to positive answers rather than gloom and doom.