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The Spooks Tale/Interception Point

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By: Joseph Delany

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Horror, Novel, Young Adult,

ISBN: 9780955944604

SKU: BE500326841135

Pages: 116

Description: The Spook's Tale How would you like to train as a spook? I need a brave lad for my line of work . . . The Spook keeps the County safe from creatures of the dark; things that suck your blood and snatch your bones and squeeze the breath from your body. When young John Gregory stumbles into the trap set by a powerful witch, it seems he may possess some spook s skills of his own. But is he ready to face the dark or will his first fight be his last? Interception Point Otto and three fellow H.I.V.E* students are on an urgent mission. A top secret thermoptic suit captured by security services must be retrieved before the forces of good analyse its technology. Only the suit is being transported to a secure facility on a high speed armoured train with the latest automated defense systems. Otto and Wing devise a plan to retrieve it, but Laura and Shelby have a plan, too... The race is on to get to the suit first. But as the train speeds through the mountains of Europe, it becomes clear that this might just be one elaborate trap.