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Galvatron's Air Attack (The Transformers)

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By: Grant, John; Dunn, Richard;

Language: English

Quality: Acceptable

Genre: Children Books,

ISBN: 9780721409887

SKU: BE500364828270

Pages: 48

Description: Supplies of Cybertronian materials like cybernite necessary to repair damaged Autobots are running low in the city of Metroplex, and the Autobots are unable to return to Cybertron to replenish them. Kup recalls a battle fought in a valley on Earth that left wreckage strewn all around, and with Ultra Magnus's permission, leads a squad to investigate, hoping to find any useful materials. While searching, however, they are attacked by a squad of Decepticon jets, but manage to force them back by firing upon them from the narrowest portion of the gorge, where the flying Decepticons cannot reach.