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By: Mel Odom;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Fantasy, Horror,

ISBN: 9780743427500

SKU: BE500499844352

Pages: 330

Description: A chance encounter with a roomful of portraits brings Angel face to face with a long-forgotten figure from his and Darla's past While Cordelia has a vision of a small child being attacked by a repulsive tentacled demon, Gunn goes to the rescue of a young artist whose studio is under threat from vampires. When Angel arrives on the scene, he is startled to find that the subjects of some of the portraits are known to him. Their memory is linked to an evening long ago that he and Darla spent in the company of a female storyteller and her poet husband - Mary and Percy Shelley. And Angel recalls a painter that Darla once favoured. How could the same artist still be alive today...? The mystery takes Angel back in time to the days when he and Darla roved across all of Europe, killing as they went. This time, though, his intention is very different - to save the life of a single innocent child.