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The Mozart Conspiracy

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By: Scott Mariani;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Crime, History, Novel, Thriller,

ISBN: 9781847560803

SKU: BE500516852682

Pages: 452

Description: Regardless of party affiliation, observers across the political spectrum agree that the America we live in today is radically different in many ways from the America of the pre-Civil War era, and that the pace of change has noticeably accelerated since the World War II era. This book argues that America has changed and not necessarily for the better, falling from the once privileged place it occupied on the world scene. While agreeing that there is much about modern America to admire - our strides in technology, for example - it also highlights some of the enormous problems the nation faces today and questions whether we still have the moral fiber to combat them. The author clearly loves his country, but subjects it to the scrutiny of tough love in this volume. The author's unusual perspective as both a sociology professor and ordained priest allows him to approach issues in novel ways. The book would be useful for political science and sociology students, although there is much to interest any thoughtful reader who ponders the future of our society. While never shirking from describing the many challenges we face, the book ultimately offers the reader hope that, if we work together, we can confront these problems and entrench our position as the dominant world power for years to come.