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The Australians

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By: Helen Bianchin; Margaret Way; Miranda Lee;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Romance,

ISBN: 9780263824148

SKU: BE500529855070

Pages: 561

Description: Passion's Mistress by Helen Bianchin Carly Taylor had made it on her own for six years, raising her daughter and hiding from the heartbreaking memories of the husband who'd betrayed her. But when her daughter's life was threatened, Carly was desperate enough to go to the man she'd tried to forget and ask for his help. Stefano Alessi was the embodiment of power and once he learned he had a child, he was determined to wield that power ruthlessly. He gave Carly one option: return to his home and to his bed. And that was where the danger lay. For once Carly was locked in Stefano's embrace, the world would cease to matter. For how could she fight the sheer force of a man whose greatest weapon was the desire she felt for him? One Fateful Summer by Margaret Way To begin with, Shelley Stuart found her father. For the first time in sixteen years, they were together again. And for the first time, Shelley learned the truth about why he'd left. Then there was Raf Conway, her father's friend and partner. His protector. Raf was an exciting man - "damn-your-eyes handsome," fabulously successful. Shelley couldn't help it; she was attracted to him, drawn to his radiance, like a moth to flame. But he seemed so certain that she'd come to Australia out of greed - to take advantage of her father's new wealth, his generosity. And convincing Raf otherwise meant betraying her mother. Shelley couldn't do it. One fateful summer of love and would it all end? Heartthrob for Hire by Miranda Lee Roy Fitzsimmons had those rugged good looks that women would die for. So why was he pursuing Kate? Kate Reynolds was not at home in the boardroom than the bedroom. She had always thought she didn't have what it took to charm a man... Then an overheard telephone conversation gave her some clues. Could Roy be earning his living by hiring himself out to lonely women? He seemed too genuine to be a gigolo, but Kate decided to put her theory to the test. She would offer to pay Roy to pose as her lover.