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Diamond Discovery

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Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel,

ISBN: 9789353470692

SKU: BE500534847303

Pages: 222

Description: The blind warrior could see once more! But only in her dreams; rather nightmares. Only a few years after Anna returns from her search for the mystical sapphire, she finds herself entrapped in a web of recurring nightmares. While the kingdom desperately tries to sculpt her back into the warrior she once was, Anna continues to fight the conflicts that stir within her. From afar, her life seems to be close to perfect. A forthcoming engagement and a promising training gear could only suggest so. If only one looked deeper, they would see that, her life barely scratches the surface of normalcy, let alone perfection. This story witnesses the war between identity and personality; between grief and acceptance; between an unfortunate past, and an inspired future. Will Anna, the warrior princess of Megovia, emerge triumphant? Perhaps. After all, Anna is not one to turn a blind eye to a discovery. Especially not one as precious as the Diamond Discovery.