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Mini Discovery Discover the Savage World

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By: Camilla de la Bedoyere;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Children Books, Children books Age 9-12, Young Adult,

ISBN: 9781782097822

SKU: BE500608854678

Pages: 224

Description: Discover the Savage World, part of our popular Discovery Channel series, is an unputdownable fact book for kids and adults alike. Crammed with unbelievable facts and stunning photos, adults, teenagers and kids aged 9+ will be entranced from start to finish. . Hundreds of exciting facts throughout showcase only the most exciting information. . Each page is specially designed to complement the text to draw in young readers. . Cover key subject areas Earth, nature, science, technology, history and people in a unique way to encourage reluctant readers to enjoy non fiction. "The range of subjects covered in Discover the Savage World is astonishing." The Book Bag Hundreds of powerful photographs and thousands of hard-hitting facts showcase our incredible planet and everything on it. Discover the Savage World gives core reference subjects a fierce twist. From natural disasters and deadly animals to brutal battles throughout history and explosive science, the action-packed text and awesome design concepts provide a thrilling reading experience. Six amazing chapters inside Discover the Savage World: . Earth's Power: Find out about the fierce natural forces that wreak havoc on our planet. . Deadly Nature: Prepare to be scared by animals armed with weapons, ranging from lethal toxins to electro-senses. . Wild Science: Discover the savage side of science with extreme reactions and deadly materials. . Tough Machines: Meet the heavy-duty machines built to go the distance and operate in difficult conditions. . Harsh Lands: Be amazed by the ingenious ways people survive and thrive in extreme environments all over the world. . Brutal Battles: Learn about supreme bravery and mighty battles that have become legend. Kids will love to discover the world with fascinating facts such as: . In July 2005, more than 64 in (163 cm) of rain fell in 36 hours on India's city of Mumbai more than New York city's yearly rainfall. . The venous sting of a tarantula hawk wasp is excruciating and can cause permanent nerve damage in humans. . Sioux warriors could hang off the side of a galloping horse, using its body as a shield.