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The Hidden Oracle

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By: Rick Riordan

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Action and adventure, Comedy & Humor, Novel, Young Adult,

ISBN: 9780141363936

SKU: BE500992881389

Pages: 416

Description: "How do you punish an immortal? My name is Apollo. I used to be a god. But what was before I was cast down from Olympus (a terrible misunderstanding) and woke up in a New York dumpster. I persuaded Percy Jackson to give me a lift to Camp Half-Blood. But the place is in chaos. Demigods are going missing and the all-seeing Oracles have fallen to a mysterious enemy known only as 'the Beast'. I figured that regaining Zeu's favour would involve a series of harrowing trials, and I was right (I usually am). My first task? Protect the final Oracle, hidden away for millennia. If I fail, the Beast will control the future, but worse - I'll be stuck as a teenage boy, forever . . ."