The Serpent's Daughter

Suzanne Arruda

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By: Suzanne Arruda

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Novel, Crime

ISBN: 9780749953416

SKU: SHC900017

Pages: 336

Description: Leaving British East Africa for a holiday in Morocco, Jade del Cameron expects this trip will be far less dangerous. Instead, she finds herself traversing deadly territory in a desperate bid to save her mother's life - and her own. Soon after joining her mother in the ancient port city of Tangier, Dona del Cameron goes missing - victim of an apparent kidnapping - and, shockingly, the French authorities seek to arrest her for murder. To find her mother and expose the true villains, Jade must call upon her resourcefulness and courage as never before. For even as she learns of her connection to a legendary line of powerful women she begins to understand the plot initiated by an ancient foe known as the serpent's daughter - a plot that is intended to bring about Jade's destruction ...

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