Eating for Better Health

Jane A. Plant

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By: Jane A. Plant

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Cookbook, Health

ISBN: 9780753519493

SKU: SHC900089

Pages: 344

Description: In her bestselling book Your Life in Your Hands, Jane Plant explained how she fought and overcame her breast cancer through a revolutionary new diet. The book provided hope for women with breast cancer all round the world. Eating for Better Health was written in response to the hundreds of letters Jane received from people who had followed her diet and noticed improvements in their health in other ways. Some noticed their blood pressure lowered, others found their mood lightened, and some even saw their digestive problems disappear. Jane Plant and Gill Tidey show how their diet can help treat a whole range of conditions, from allergies, depression and heart disease, to digestive problems, obesity and diabetes.

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