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Eat This, Not That! 2011

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By: David Zinczenko

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Health, Guide

ISBN: 9781605293134

SKU: SHC900243

Pages: 368

Description: That brand-new physique you've been waiting for, the leaner, fitter, healthier body you thought you'd never had. Eat This, Not That! 2011—the latest, most up-to-date book in the best-selling weight loss franchise—is ready to start stripping extra pounds from your body today. And once you lose that weight, you're going to keep it off. Forever. That's because Eat This, Not That! is a tool. It's designed to make smart food choices easier, no matter where you're making them. Consider just a handful of real stories from real people who've shed 25, 50, 75 pounds—or more!—and you'll understand why Eat This, Not That! is "The no-diet weight-loss solution": • Michael Colombo of Staten Island, New York, shed 91 pounds in just over 8 months and conquered life-threatening sleep apnea, after picking up a copy of Eat This, Not That!. "My confidence has sky-rocketed!" he says. • Erika Bowen of Minneapolis, Minnesota, dropped 84 pounds—without dieting. "I feel like I've always wanted to feel," Bowen reports. Once she discovered the truth about her food, she learned she could lose weight and never feel hungry. • Dana Bickelman of Waltham, Massachusetts, lost 70 pounds after discovering the shocking truth about the foods she was eating. Her secret: She learned to indulge—even at her favorite restaurants—but to do it more smartly. Eat This, Not That! teaches you how to read nutrition labels and decipher misleading menu descriptions. It pairs classic food swaps, and helps you cut hundreds—or even thousands—of calories from your daily diet, without feeling like you've deprived yourself at all. Consider: *One of America's chain restaurants is serving a pasta dish with more than 2,700 calories? (That's nearly a pound of flab—in one meal!) *Choosing Breyer's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Ice Cream over Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream will save you 200 calories per scoop? *The wrong milk shake at Cold Stone will cost you more than a day's worth of calories? (But a smart swap will eliminate 1,520 of them!) Additional features in Eat This, Not That! 2011 include: • The Truth About What's REALLY In Your Food (Think a Chicken McNugget is made out of just chicken? Think again) • The Eat This, Not That! No-Diet Cheat Sheets • Foods That Cure Any Problem • The 20 Worst Foods in America • Top Swaps at the Ballpark, the Mall, the Cocktail Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, and more! • Restaurant Report Card—for Kids • And more!