Manhattan In Reverse

Peter F. Hamilton

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By: Peter F. Hamilton

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Short story, Science fiction

ISBN: 9780330522205

SKU: BESHC900505

Pages: 272

Description: In this collection, Peter F. Hamilton draws you into an array of captivating tales. These exciting glimpses into his worlds are not to be missed - and as Ken Follett says, 'each short story has enough ideas for a whole novel'. Manhattan in Reverse features the author's popular detective Paula Myo, from his bestselling Commonwealth books. Other stories include Watching Trees Grow - a murder mystery set in an alternative 1800s Oxford - and The Forever Kitten. This questions eternal youth and the sacrifices required to pursue it. With all his usual wonderfully imagined futuristic technology, complex characters and brilliantly conceived storytelling, Peter F. Hamilton shows yet again what makes him Britain's number one science fiction writer. This fabulous collection contains a total of seven short stories: Watching Trees Grow Footvote If at First. . . The Forever Kitten Blessed by an Angel The Demon Trap Manhattan in Reverse

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