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Fabulous Fun with Puzzles

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By: Joseph Leeming

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Activity Book, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781603200349

SKU: BESHC900849

Pages: 224

Description: Fabulous Fun with Puzzles takes you back to a simpler time when dinner was a nightly family event and kids played games with nothing more than a bag of marbles or a piece of chalk. J. Leeming`s classic collection of over 400 conundrums, quizzes, word puzzles, brain twisters, visual challenges, and math riddles will keep solvers of all ages entertained for hours. Make sure you have an extra pencil handy, because we`ve taken the puzzles from the two previous Leeming puzzle books and created one fabulously fun book, and added all-new illustrations inspired by the originals. Puzzles included: o Riddles o Match Puzzles o Puzzles with Coins o Anagram Puzzles o Cut-out Puzzles Try these sample puzzles: 1) Two fathers and two sons went duck hunting. Each shot a duck and none of them shot the same duck. However, only three ducks were shot. How did this happen? There is an 8 letter word which has the letters KST in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end. There is only one K, one S and one T in the word. What is the word?