Set of 2 -Wisdom In A Pitcher & The Crafty Barber / Saves His Wealth & The Black Puppy

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By: Apple Books

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Children Books, Children books Age 3-5, Children books Age 6-8

ISBN: 9788179042229

SKU: BESHC900894

Pages: 16

Description: Wisdom In A Pitcher - The king of the neighbouring land challenges Akbar to serve him wisdon in a pitcher. Nothing is impossible for Birbal, Akbar's minister! He grows wisdom in a pitcher and outwits the neighbouring king. The Crafty Barber - The royal barber is jealous of Birbal's fame and wealth. He makes a treacherous plan to kill Birbal. Saves His Wealth - The kingdom of Vijayanagar is suddenly gripped by theft and robbery. One night two thieves target Rama's house. And Rama is aware of it. The Black Puppy - Once without a second thought, king Krishnadevaraya had assured his royal barber to elevate him as a minister! Would it be possible when Tenali Rama is around?

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