City Girl

Patricia Scanlan

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By: Patricia Scanlan

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Novel

ISBN: 9780553409437

SKU: BESHC901405

Pages: 476

Description: A friendly blonde 'made for loving', a quiet brown-eyed girl of no confidence, and a sexy redhead with wanderlust: Devlin, Caroline and Maggie. Their staunch three-way friendship is born while housesharing and during their twenty-something years it's the only certainty. That, and their status-symbol membership of Dublin's most exclusive health centre for high-profile women: City Girl. For Caroline, life's great purpose is not to be left on the shelf and so she considers resorting to St Jude - the patron saint of hopeless cases. But then God sends her Devlin Delaney - friend and mentor - and her 'Nellie the Elephant' days become a thing of the past. But for all that Devlin is a free spirit, with men lining up to ask her out, it is she who ends up living in hardship and facing the most tragic loss of all. While Maggie MacNamara, farmer's daughter from Wicklow, blithely turns down the 'catch of the county' to see the world - and falls in love with 'Mr Paradise on Legs' en route. But, for all those who share the gift of enduring friendship, all roads lead to home - or, for Caroline, Dev and Maggie, to a rendezvous in the plush foyer of City Girl.

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