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Marengo 1800: Napoleon's Day of Fate (Praeger Illustrated Military History Series)

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By: Hollins, David

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: History

ISBN: 9780275986254

SKU: BESHC901609

Pages: 112

Description: Having returned from Egypt and seized power as First Consul, Napoleon led the Army of the Reserve against the Austrian Army besieging Genoa. After a period of skirmishing and maneuvering, Melas, the Austrian commander, launched a surprise attack on the morning of June 14, 1800. The attack initially drove the French back to Marengo village and, despite committing the Consular Guard, by 3pm the French were retreating. Believing he had won, the wounded Melas left the field to his Chief-of-Staff, Zach. The timely arrival of Desaix's Division led by Kellerman's cavalry and the 9e Legere threw the Austrians into confusion, turned the battle in Napoleon's favor, thus securing his position as First Consul and ensuring French dominance of the continent for the next decade.